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About Us

A Brief History of Allgood Animal Hospital

In March of 1957, Senior Veterinary Student Don Allgood made a trip to Burlington to investigate the possibility of purchasing the veterinary practice of the late Dr. R.V. Beard. The negotiations that followed were friendly and productive, leading to the sale of the practice to Dr. Allgood.

On June 18, 1957, Dr. Allgood moved to Burlington and reopened the veterinary practice of Dr. Beard at 2535 Mt. Pleasant Street. The practice continued on a temporary basis here until Dr. Allgood purchased a site on Highway 61 North. The site included a building that was satisfactory to modify as a veterinary hospital. The modifications were completed and the practice was soon moved to this new site at the beginning of January of 1958.

In the autumn of 1972, Dr. Allgood built his practice at its current location at 3106 Johannsen Drive. The new hospital gained an extensive and flattering review in one of the national veterinary publication magazines.

Dr. Allgood hired his first associate, Dr. Rita Lesczynski, in June of 1975.  In 2003, Dr. Lesczynski purchased the practice and in 2010 Dr. Allgood officially retired. He served thousands of pets from the communities of Southeast Iowa and West Central Illinois during his 53 year career.  Dr. Lesczynski now works with her associates: Dr. Anne Remmers and Dr. Brooke Smith.

Dr. Allgood