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  • About Veterinary Medicine Just about any question you might have about Veterinary Medicine is answered on this site.
  • American Heartworm Society This site is dedicated to heartworm disease. Remember, it strikes both dogs and cats!
  • American Kennel Club Lots of information about pure breeds, registering, events, etc.
  • ASPCA The ASPCA is dedicated in the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.
  • Cat Fanciers’ Association With Garfield as its official Spokes Cat this site has it all for cat lovers.
  • Dog Guide This site helps guide you to a wealth of dog information.
  • Growing Up with Pets A great resource for families with children and pets.
  • Healthy Pet Contains all kinds of pet information and fun stuff for kids, too.
  • Hill’s Science Diet and Prescription Diet Great information about nutrition for your pets.
  • Pet Loss and Grieving This website helps those of us who are facing the toughest part of pet ownership.
  • Pets and Parasites Don’t understand “worms” or other parasites? This site has helpful information for dogs, cats, and human families.
  • Pets Welcome Taking a vacation and want to take your pet? This site is just what you need.
  • Remind My Pet Can’t seem to remember to give your pet his medication? This site will help you out.
  • Veterinary Partner Information about safety, health, medications, behavior, etc.